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United Arab Emirates

Job Type


Date Posted

2014-09-02 04:02:43

    Production Manager Job in United Arab Emirates

    Job Description

    For a well known chocolate shop in Dubai:

    3-5 years exp in same field
    Responsible to run the production department through the respect of the standard recipe and in the most cost effective way.

    - Break down the sales orders into a clear, concise, time tabled production schedule and respecting the delivery dates

    - Collaborate with the production supervisors in order to establish a synchronized status in the production area.

    - Allocate all needed resources (Raw materials, employees, machinery…) to execute the production schedule.

    - Assure production schedule is followed and on schedule.

    - Enter data on a daily basis of all production events (orders, yields, absenteeism, KPIs …) and keep records to analyze it and compare to standards.

    - Assure that the standard recipes are respected and all production parameters are within the allowed margins.

    - Insure all production activities are run effectively and in the most cost effective way.

    - Be familiar with basic operation of wrapping machines, molding machines, chocolate tempered machines …

    - Attend training in headquarter or any other designated place and then transfer the acquired skills to staff through trainings.

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